The Beauty in the Dark

To love beauty is to see light.  -Victor Hugo

Some may say there’s no beauty to be seen in the dark . . .

perhaps believe that darkness is the absence of light . . .

or preach that only dark things happen in the dark.

But not me.

I’ve found a secret place in the dark…where sorrows, pain, and grief burst forth in a melody of tears that only God hears.

An alone place, a hidden-from-view chamber of the soul, where only the Spirit sustains breath and heart.

Dark is not empty. Dark is not where only evil and despair dwell.


Love BeautyDark is where I’ve seen the brightest light, inhaled the whispered revelation of an eternity of hope, and been embraced by the unseen beauty of a transcendent love.

Once fearful of the dark, a girl with a broken innocence and a woman determined to conquer her own pains, I was blind.

I wanted faith to be birthed in the light, for transformation to follow my clock and calendar—to be quick, on time…methodical and pain-free.

I spent years avoiding the darkest places of my own history, my own sorrows, and my own heart. The very places where the vision to see The Light could be developed.

Faith is not rational. Scripture tell us it is the evidence of things unseen.

In blindness we see light. In death to self we receive the life of resurrection.

Fear tells us to avoid the pain and the dark, yet faith is not the antidote to that fear.

Love is.

Faith becomes faith here, where Love lives. In the arms of the One who embraces us in the dark.  We are never alone, never forsaken, and never abandoned to the dark. He is there.

TransformationFear not. We need no faith beyond a mustard seed (a tiny, tiny speck) to enter the hurting places.

Looking up through the tears we behold the light – the unseen light that dispels the darkness even in the midst of it.

This light is a miracle.

Defying human understanding, control, scientific and logical reasoning, . . .

The light of God simply is. 

We “never walk in darkness.”


There is beauty to be found in the dark.

The light and life of Jesus and the beauty of ourselves — healed, restored, and transformed into His image.

From glory to glory,

Linda Crawford

 ~ Linda

Linda has been learning to see the beauty in the dark during her 3+ years suffering with disabling chronic physical pain.

© Linda Crawford 2013

3 thoughts on “The Beauty in the Dark

  1. Thank you Nin, what a beautiful experience you shared! I can see that picture of the waves and moonlight and I hope you write it on your blog so more can share the beauty of your experience! Thank you God for the beauty of your light. Blessings to you!

  2. Oh Linda you have done it again! I love your writing. You say things I feel but can’t express. What a beautiful gift you have from The Lord!

    Once, my husband and I watched the sunset over the ocean. It was magnificent as the waves crashed on the rocks in a display of glory. No fantastical cloud formations, in fact no clouds at all, just a peacy glow on the horizon and the sun majestically setting appearing to go into the ocean.

    We stayed long afterwards enjoying one another’s companionship and fellowshipping with The Lord. We enjoyed the wonder of His creation, listening and watching as the whitecapped waves came crashing onto the awaiting rocks. The moon was out and It was a sight to behold as at times, it was as if one continuous white wave on a large part of the horizon was joined on each side by other smaller waves. They seemed to meet together to make an even wider wave. I excitedly told my husband, “it looks like their are holding hands!”

    It was dark, but we had the light of the moon. It was a special time! I love what you share here, because as a child of God, even in the dark, He is our Light.

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