Ellie’s Beautiful Place

I never knew Ellie, but I know of a beautiful place she loved . . .

ellies place

20130228_133622 Ellie's place

Ellie's place

Ellie's placeEllie's place 20130228_10471120130228_133635


I loved Ellie’s place too, but it made me wonder–where would I want MY bench to be?

What about you?

Where is your beautiful place?

Where would you want your remembrance bench to be?


Where is the beautiful place you will sit today?

Your beautiful placeWill you rest on the bench before you, and fully experience the beauty of TODAY’s place?

It may not have the natural beauty of Ellie’s, but there’s a place for you today, where God miraculously colors your life beautiful . . . where the holiness of the ordinary is revealed.

Take your seat.

Rest and behold the beauty of your life.

Linda Crawford


3 thoughts on “Ellie’s Beautiful Place

  1. Hi Linda,
    This is a sweet post that resonates with me, because today I went to Sunset Cliffs, S.D. with a friend. I said, “we’ll go to the benches.” They have 3 white concrete benches there to take a break or just to sit and enjoy the ocean. The day was picture perfect with the ocean a beautiful hue of blue. A man was there painting. Another guy had two dogs by one of the benches. I told her, “I love it here, it feels like home.” The spot on the Cliffs, my favorite place, would be the place for my bench.

    I’m so glad you are back. I missed you. Hope you are well.

    1. Nin, thank you so much for sharing your story and the experience of your beautiful place today! I love it when God intertwines our stories to reveal even greater beauty to us! What a precious gift you received from Him today. I am well, better every day and so blessed to share this beautiful journey of life with sisters like you. You bless me so much. 🙂

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