Welcome to Coloring Life Beautiful, the place where I play and create with words in an attempt to illustrate for you the beauty of my life with Jesus.

coloring Life isn’t always beautiful, but when I’ve opened the book of my heart to my best friend and savior, He’s rewritten my black-inked days in red.

He’s taken my pain, shame, guilt, and sorrow and re-colored them through the redemption of His shed blood for me.

It’s a continually written story, always being re-colored, day by day. But thankfully, His mercies are new every morning, and He stays faithful to the promise of each day’s sunrise.

There’s so much to share about coloring life beautiful…about healing…and about becoming in the overcoming.

I pray the words here will bring you hope.

Jesus is real. Hope is real.

Beauty is God’s handwriting. The handwriting of Love in your story and mine.

Let’s read some of it together, shall we?



About me:

The most important thing for you to know about me is this: I love to color…outside the lines.

I drive a minivan and wear sensible shoes…most of the time. But my husband calls me ”lead-foot Linda” and I love red shoes and race cars!

A transplanted Maine native (and diehard Red Sox fan), I have also lived in Vienna, Austria where I fulfilled a life-long dream to sing like Julie Andrews on a mountainside outside of Salzburg.

And as unlikely as it may seem, I have a cache of trophies from my younger (much younger) years as a professional rally car co-driverRally Car Linda

Despite that adventure, most of my life I was a black, brown and boring shoe girl. God changed all that the day the store clerk opened a shoe box with THE red shoes in them. From that day on, God’s been teaching me how:

a courageous faith = a colorful life.

red shoesMy red shoes started me on the journey toward a courageous faith, but it took a devastating work injury, 3+ years of chronic pain and disability, and almost dying for me to realize how far I still had to go.

I discovered that sometimes life becomes the most beautiful when it seems the darkest and most colorless…

Only God can color life beautiful then.

Today, I’m embracing my imperfections and a child-like faith that gives me permission to color outside the lines, to play, and to see beauty in life even in the midst of darkness.

I’m coloring life beautiful…won’t you join me?

Beauty MinuteI read God’s handwriting of beauty in art, poetry, nature, writing, humor, music, and people at Beautyminute.net

You can also read my past posts on my previous blog, Sunny Side Up (notscrambled)

More about me:

Comforting Women in CrisisProfessionally, I’m a published author, freelance writer, speaker, and licensed occupational therapist.

As a writer, I’ve authored Bible studies and women’s ministry resources with Group Publishing since 2005. I’ve published articles in national ministry magazines and blogs, and led national small group and volunteer ministry training workshops, women’s retreats, and women’s ministry training.

The ministry resources I have contributed to, including the book Comforting Women in Crisis and my two Bible studies: Finding Balance and A Taste of Freedom, are available from Group Publishing.

For freelance writing or speaking information please contact me by email at LindaWCrawford@gmail.com

Click here to visit my author/speaker website.

Click here to see my Amazon.com page.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Linda,

    I’m not sure if you got the thank you I sent for the follow on my blog. I am touched that you are following. And of course I will share on your other site and consider it a privilege to do so. A lot of good things are happening on my end as we witness The Lord opening doors and touching hearts
    ! Godspeed in your beautiful life!

  2. Wow Linda! I am touched by what I have read thus far. I had 2 strokes last year. One left me with non- intelligible speech for a short period of time. As I lay on my hospital bed I told the Lord if He was ready to take me, then I was ready to go. But here I am church-planting with my husband again! The Lord still had more for me to do for HIm. I feel that everything I have done for the Lord, all the training I have had, is “For such a time as this.” So praise the Lord,
    for He doeth all things well! Godspeed in your beautiful life for Jesus!

    1. Nin, thank you so much for sharing! I have been an occupational therapist for over 20 years and I specialized in treating people who had suffered strokes and brain injury. I know how difficult and long that journey to healing can be, and how life-transforming is the surrender to God’s plans and purposes to create beauty from the ashes of our pain.

      Praising Jesus for the beauty He has created in you and is spreading through you in your ministry for Him. How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the Good News!

      I’m sharing a lot more about coloring life beautiful, healing, and discovering beauty in the brokenness on my other site: http://beautyminute.net/ I hope you’ll join me there and share too!

      Blessings and prayers for your continued healing.


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