A Page from My Journal

My journal led me here…to coloring life beautiful.

I went looking for a holy experience of beauty in the midst of suffering, and found it…

Beauty Moments

My beauty moment—recognizing that to see the world through a child’s eyes is such a gift. But when the child is gone…and I no longer experience those moments naturally each day…how can I re-discover them again? How can I see life as new every day?

If I put on my child eyes…what did I see today that was new and beautiful?

Hmmm…my first thought is “me.” What a great place to start God. I never would have thought of that, but of course you would!

Second…your wounds…I saw them differently today. By your wounds I am healed…but I’ve never entered into the understanding of the pain of those wounds in the same way before. I know pain…but I’ve not been turning over MY wounds and MY pain into yours. I’ve kept them as my own…but you want them all, and it’s how you change me from being self-righteous to truly righteous.

Third…the beauty of focus…teaching my body to cooperate and walk healed in the pool…and feeling the transformation, although tiny, happening.

Fourth…smiles. I didn’t notice them enough at the time, but now as I think back over the day, smiles and smiling voices are there to remember. They were gifts given to me and I see how much I take those little beauty moments for granted each day.

Last…I think…affirmation. I never want to look at affirmation as beautiful. It’s handed to me and I quickly cover it up like it’s a sin to receive such a precious gift. Thank you DeeAnn, I receive your words and I want to learn to take them in as nourishment for my soul—that’s what God would like me to do, not wrap them around my neck like jewels for others to see, or hide them in a dark closet where dust chokes the life out of them. Hmmm…nope, they are like my plants, they are alive and need the right environment to thrive and bloom and…

The one I forgot…my first God sighting of the day–through Mick’s post and Sheri’s insight…my word:


©Linda Crawford 2013

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