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Ellie’s Beautiful Place

I never knew Ellie, but I know of a beautiful place she loved . . .

ellies place

20130228_133622 Ellie's place

Ellie's place

Ellie's placeEllie's place 20130228_10471120130228_133635


I loved Ellie’s place too, but it made me wonder–where would I want MY bench to be?

What about you?

Where is your beautiful place?

Where would you want your remembrance bench to be?


Where is the beautiful place you will sit today?

Your beautiful placeWill you rest on the bench before you, and fully experience the beauty of TODAY’s place?

It may not have the natural beauty of Ellie’s, but there’s a place for you today, where God miraculously colors your life beautiful . . . where the holiness of the ordinary is revealed.

Take your seat.

Rest and behold the beauty of your life.

Linda Crawford



God is magnificent; he can never be praised enough. There are no boundaries to his greatness.        Psalm 145:3 MSG


The outside limits. The white space beyond the words. The boundary lines of life, the edges of the impossible.margins

I live here. In the margins, between the margins, and sometimes beyond them.

I write notes in the margins of my Bible. Scribble comments in the margins of a favorite book. Doodle in the margins when I’m bored.

There’s room to play here, in the white space of life, yet I’m constrained by the boundaries of the margins.

I know if I stray off the page, go over the edge, color outside the frame–I’ll mess up the furniture…and perhaps my life.

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The Inspiration for Coloring Life Beautiful


Pain inspired it.coloring

Beauty will heal it.

After years of chronic pain and disability,

After experiencing another in a long sequence of treatments gone wrong,

After losing a healthy, athletic body training to climb a  mountain at age 50,

After crying lakes of tears and books of prayers,

After almost dying,

After barely living,

After being given the gift of desperation…

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